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summer promo on fashion trainning

July 4, 2017

Save some money as you take part in this great opportunity .

we have a special summer course starting from 10th of July to 6th of September 2017

Fee 250,000 includes 1 text book imported .

this course will cover some Topics from the level 1 and 2 combined, you don;t want to miss this course, hurry now to register call 08033029096

Improved and repackaged Fashion and Business courses

April 17, 2017

OSC College of fashion is bringing to you a new improved fashion training courses, . due to all your feed backs and real world experience of the different problems faces by up coming designers and fashion business owners, we are repackaging our school and courses we offer to be more on the business of fashion, management, strategy for growth, practical hands on training, pattern drafting, sewing skills and fashion Illustration.

3rd of April class starts with a promo

March 31, 2017

Intensive garment construction and pattern drafting training

learn to sew using an industrial machine, to make a shirt ,a dress and a trouser, pattern drafting,fashion illustration,garment construction and business of fashion, all training materials are included, two text books and a FREE SEWING INDUSTRIAL MACHINE 

Fee 650,000

Duration 4months

Break down of 2017 courses with fees

December 24, 2016


Thank you for your interest in our fashion training courses. 2017 class would start on the 3rd of April 2017 

Below is our break down of our training course for both full time which is from monday to wednesday 9am to 2pm teaching time but you are allowed to stay till 4pm to practice. 
Please Note that
Level 1  is from monday to friday while all other levels apart from level 3, are from Monday to Wednesday. 
Saturday classes 9am to 2pm  pertaining to Part-Time Students   
Note you must know the area you want to specialise in right from level 1 

Level 1 SMO sewing machine operation course, starts  January 9th, registration is on, with this course you will learn 

(1) How to, use all types of sewing machines, from manual, electric, table top, to the industrial sewing machine, 

(2) How to use correctly and straight with all the right internationally accepted stitches

(3) How to sew the different types of seams

(4) How to couple together a shirt, 

(5) Dress, 

(6) Trouser 

(7)  Skirt 
all according to your area of specialisation 

Classes are for 5 Saturdays(part time)
9am- 2pm teaching time
Course Fee 100,000 Naira

LEVEL 2 female 
Introduction to women's wear pattern drafting and fashion illustration
Step-by-step introductory pattern drafting course will introduce you to the basic techniques for women's wear pattern drafting, this course will equip you with the foundation skills to become a skilled pattern drafter for women's clothing. This course will take you through the core skills involved in personalized women's wear pattern drafting to industry level. You will be able to work as a women's wear pattern drafter and cutter or use the skills to open and run your own business. Course includes fashion illustration. Areas to be covered are:

How to measure a figure correctly

Drafting of the standard Skirt block

Drafting of the pencil skirt,

Drafting of the A- line, gathered,

Drafting of flared,

Drafting the section skirt

Project for skirt to show understanding of the concepts

Bodice block, blocks 92, and self-size block

Dart manipulations basic

Sleeve basic sleeve, Sleeve long and short.

Collars peter pan e.t.c 

Fee 250,000 
Duration is for 2 months full time and  10 Saturdays (part time) 9am – 2pm

Level 3 male and female 

Compulsory industrial attachment free for all level 1 to 2 students, outsiders pay 50,000

this is where you get to practice all you have learnt in level 2 in a real world fashion production setting, you will be posted to work in our factory moving from all department to allow you learn the business and other activities in fashion. A pass mark of 70% is required to go on to the next level, some of what you would learn are;

Improve your sewing skills

Learn factory and industrial techniques

Staff management

Client understanding

Entrepreneurial skills

Business management

Work experience

Duration 2 months
Fees 50,000

Level 4 Female clothing advance class
Pattern Drafting II

This is the concluding part of the six months training where you come back from the IT to continue the advance part of pattern construction applying all the lessons learnt from your industrial attachment to class. 

Pattern drafting more complex skirts,

Geometric skirts,

Gore skirts,

8 pieces paneled skirts,


Drafting the customized Bodice using irregular body size

Dart manipulation advance neck darts, cowl neck, waist darts etc.

Drafting of the dress block

Patterns for different types of dresses

Sleeves more variations

Collar, more complex collars capes ruffles flared etc.

A pass mark of 60% is required to pass and move on to the next level.

Duration 2 months or  10 Saturdays for part time  

Fee 250,000 Naira 


This is where you select an area of fashion you focus on, a particular area you want to focus on, even though you would have touched on some parts of it from level 1 to 4 .SELECT ANY OF THESE COURSES after completing level 1 and 2, 4 to specialize on

Duration for each course:2 months or  10 for part time Saturdays 9am-2pm

Must have completed and passed level 1 and 2 

Bridal wear
Suit making men
Suit making women
Evening dresses
Children's wear
Night wear

Duration 2 months or 10 Saturdays for part time 
Fee 250,000 Naira each

LEVEL 2 Male clothing 

Introduction to men's wear pattern drafting

Learn and develop all aspects of professional menswear pattern drafting skills to industry standard ,you will learn how to construct different blocks for shirts, trousers and standard jackets, this course will take you through the core skills involved in personalized menswear pattern drafting to industry level . you will be able to work as a men's wear pattern drafter and cutter or use the skills to open and run your own business. Includes fashion illustration for men

LEVEL 2 MENS WEAR fee 250,000 

Duration 2 months or 10 Saturdays  for part time 

Level 4 men's wear advance 

2 months back in class men's wear pattern drafting, Learn and develop more complex aspects of professional menswear pattern drafting skills to industry standard, you will learn how to construct, intricate different blocks for shirts, trousers and standard jackets, this course will take you through the core skills involved in personalized menswear pattern drafting to industry level. You will be able to work as a men's wear pattern drafter and cutter or use the skills to open and run your own business. Includes fashion illustration for men

Fee 250,000 
Duration 2 months or 10 Saturdays for part time  9am-2pm  


Learn how to make both male and female pattern for English and native designs, Course 

Duration  4 months or  20 Saturdays for part time  (must have done level 1 smo, or prior sewing knowledge) 

Fee 500,000 

Level 6 Computer aided fashion illustration. 
In the level you will use software and a tablet to draw , learning how to draw for fashion, combine colours and come up with your own designs using the computer software. 

Duration 1 month or 5 Saturdays for part time  9am-2pm 
FEE includes software and tablet 180, 000

LEVEL 6 Computer aided design class 

The use of fashion computer aided software, would be used to make patterns on a computer . 
Fee 300,000 
Durations 10 Saturdays 

Level 7 

Duration:  2 months , or 10 Saturdays for part time 

This intensive draping on the stand course concentrates on key elements from 'Introduction to draping on the stand' and 'Draping on the stand 2' before moving on to cover advanced creative stand work. You will start by draping fabric onto a stand and learning the techniques to transfer these designs onto paper to make a pattern.

Level 1 text book is 30 000

Two pattern drafting text books would be needed for level 2 and 4 which cost 25,000 each 

TRAINING pack 30,000

Registration fee 20,000 

Maintenance fee 10000 for every 3 months 

2 Instalment payment allowed but it attract 20 % increase of the fee.
Steps to get registered
Step one 
Select the course male or female and level you are interested in studying on our website

Step two
Make all payments to the bank including the registration fee of 20,000, training pack 30, 000 maintenance fee of 10000 
NOTE text book  for level 1 is 30,000, level 2 is 25000 level 4 is 25,000 all paid into our bank account details would be sent to you on request

Step 3
Bring teller to the school to complete registration with 2 pass port photographs


make ALL payments to the bank then bring the teller or proof of transfer to the school to complete registration.

Visit our website

Looking forward to having you at our school, visit us at 11a Abajohnston
Crescent Harmony enclave off Adeniyi jones ikeja Lagos.
Registration for December class is on now. We take our Part Time classes, only at our Branch at Maryland Mall


December 6, 2016

We at Osc college of fashion noticed, that most of those who want to study fashion, seem to think they need to study every thing to become a great designer, this is not so, you have to specialise, be focused, on a particular area of fashion, then you can later branch out into other areas. to help the Nigerian industry and to reduce the number of confused students FROM 2017 JANUARY,  we would be needing  you to select an area or areas of specialization right from the very beginning which is level 1, you would select your area of specialization, and all your training would be tailored to this.

please select from bellow you can select 1 or up to 2 combinations
























2017 osc college of fashion dates and fees increase

November 16, 2016

This is to inform the public that from January 2017 our training fees would be increasing  due to the raising cost of doing business, we have tried to keep the fees same during 2016. IF PAYMENT IS MADE THIS YEAR 2016 YOU WOULD BE PAYING THE CURRENT FEE, but from January all fees increase by 50,000 note level 3 is no longer free but would be 100,000

In line with our goal of producing celebrated Fashion Entrepreneurs, and doing our part to salvage the Nigerian economy, by training our students to be able to produce high quality made in Nigeria clothing, that are exportable, and also can meet the local clothing need,we would  be changing improving our method of training,which is geared towards garment production/ manufacturing and fashion design, this would ensure that the our students can own fashion companies with high quality clothing lines that are well made in Nigeria.

we would be starting our hair training at the Maryland mall branch of the school, and many more exciting new courses for 2017, please email us at  to request a brochure for 2017 courses.


October 10, 2016

Register for digital fashion illustration class , next class Thursday 13th .  new class starts every two weeks.

 You would be amazed what you can do with this skill, design your clients outfit , put the fabric for them to see exactly the out come, use it to design fabric , for those of you that want to produce your own fabric for your clothing line, learn to draw accessories and much more . 

This drawing was done with just 2 lesson without any prior digital drawing skills .call or chat on what-app  08033029096 
Fee 150,000 includes tap and digital pen for drawing.

Special September Training

September 9, 2016

This September, we have our 1 day intensive training and of course, our regular pattern drafting classes, sewing machine operation training, and the Business of fashion classes. please click on our course and duration page to see our trainingg,


August 19, 2016
The just concluded Nigerian student Fashion and Design week was a blast of creativity from up coming fashion designers, students from various schools and locations came from all over to showcase their talent.
It was a 2 day of fun filled fashion creativity at its best, with exciting new fresh designs on the run way at the Unilag sport hall Auditorium. there were many special guest and celebrities in attendance  like, our own Mrs Olusola Babatunde, Noble Igwe,Ejiro Amos Tafiri, complete fashion, Wana Sambo, and so many Nigerian actrors and Actresses.
The great News about the show is that 1st and second place winners were from our school.
Rosie the winner of Ashillarozae is the winner see her picture below, we are so proud of this hard working talented lady.


two sisters who both are the creatives behind their label called CeCe came in second place they are also Osc college of fashion Alumni  see their picture bellow, watch out for these talented upcoming designers with amazing talents, with the right training your inner gift would shine. Registration on Now for September class call 012911832, 08033029096




August 19, 2016

Are interested in dressmaking, patternmaking, or any tasks that are closely related to clothes and sewing, then you will definitely have a bright future as a clothing pattern maker. Technically, a clothing pattern maker is responsible for developing and creating patterns for a variety of clothing apparels. They conceptualize their patterns through the use of drawings and sketches. The task may require and  entail grading, detailing, and adjusting garments in various sizes.



at Osc college of fashion we train you how to be a professional pattern drafter and more, register for our September class, level 2 pattern drafting course 200,000 Naira ( only for those who want to learn pattern drafting only)

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