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2 day fashion business seminar


Fill the form on the left side to register for the 2 day FASHION BUSINESS SKILL SEMINAR for fashion
entrepreneurs, which will hold on the 11th and 12th of December respectively,
1. 9:00a.m TO 9:30a.m   (REGISTRATION)
2. 9.30a.m TO 10:00a.m (INTRODUCTION)
The event is set to run from 10:a.m to 12:00p.m(afternoon). Please note, the
"African Time" will not be condoned.
You are required to pay a fee of 6,500naira, discounted to those who pay and
register before or
three(3) days to the D-day or 10,000naira for latter aspirants.

Topics to be covered are:-
How to ensure your fashion business is profitable.
How to avoid debts.
How to ensure perfect fits, reduce, then eliminate customer complains.
How to get good staff.
Business accounting for fashion.
and so many other juicy tips for your business.